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The adiabatic cooler is the perfect ally for keeping environments fresh and well ventilated. Keeping the air fresh at certain times of the year is crucial to maintaining a healthy and liveable environment. The adiabatic or evaporation method is an environmentally friendly and economical process which uses water to cool the environment. It is based on the principle of evaporation: water lowers the temperature as it evaporates. It is an old system still used today with the help of modern technology, and is considered both functional and ecological.

Hot air is drawn into the machine and passed through the water-soaked filters, where it is also purified – dust and particles are in fact retained – and, fully refreshed, is subsequently reintroduced into the environment. The air that flows out is then not only fresh, but also humidified. This process offers many advantages: first of all it avoids producing hot air, as in the case of conventional air conditioning systems; it is also far more cost-effective than other methods; and is also silent, an aspect of no small importance in the environment where it is used. This type of cooling is used in many fields, such as stables, poultry farms, pigsties, milking barns, but also industries and greenhouses. The device is suitable for both medium and large-scale premises. It is a system that is much more cost-effective than conventional air conditioning systems, and requires only air and water for operation, doing away with all harmful gases.

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A perfect climate for efficient production

In the livestock sector, it is vital to maintain efficient air-conditioning, especially in the warmer months, to safeguard the health of the animals. Mammals are homeothermic but able to regulate their body temperature only within a certain range. Below or above certain thresholds, there is a very real risk of death from cold or heat. In addition, there is evidence that temperature can affect production cycles.

Numerous studies have shown that an environment at controlled temperature is significantly more productive than a non-air-conditioned environment. This is why, therefore, it is important to use adiabatic coolers to keep the area cool in an economical, environmentally friendly and efficient manner. To prevent overly high temperatures, which can lead to disastrous events within a herd, is essential.

Monitoring the temperature of barns on farms also means to care for production and ensure that all work is carried out as efficiently as possible. Poultry farms represent a truly exhaustive example. It has been demonstrated in fact that, with adequate cooling, hens consume less feed but also produce more eggs. Having established that the temperature can significantly influence production, the only thing that remains to be done is to find the most effective and efficient solution to the problem. Coolers ensure a healthy environment at controlled temperature and are perfect for all types of farming.

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Gigola e Riccardi la qualità del raffrescamento

Leader nel settore della ventilazione e nella climatizzazione da ormai 30 anni, la ditta Gigola e Riccardi è sinonimo di qualità ed efficienza. Dal 1986 l’azienda si è focalizzata sulla produzione di attrezzature agricole di ventilazione e raffrescamento. I ventilatori per polli e i raffrescatori adiabatici sono tra i migliori prodotti sul mercato. E si distinguono per la loro robustezza e per la qualità dei materiali usati. La passione è alla guida di questa azienda, che punta sempre all’innovazione e allo sviluppo di nuove soluzioni per garantire ai propri clienti standard sempre elevati.

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