Energy Efficiency is what you need to get the most from your poultry house.
We provide top-performance fans and cooling pads to increase production and enlower maintenance costs.
Air circulation is vital for your dairy breeding
Our circulator fans are the best solution on the market.
Air circulation is important for your employees
Our fans are built to resist even in the worst conditions.
We help your greenhouse with cooling and humidification.
Your plants deserve the right climate to achieve the best production performance
Our products for Porks and hogs are designed for durability.
Our inox steel box and steel blades have an increased resistance to oxidation.

Our main products

High Pressure Fan
NEW - High Pressure Fan
Shutter fan
Shutter fans
Cooling pad 70-90
Cooling Pads 70/90


Markets we cover


Gigola & Riccardi S.p.A. is an italian company acting as a world leader in the manifacturing of ventilation and cooling equipments for breeding farms, greenhouses and industries.

The company is addressed to distributors of agricultural and breeding equipments (like turn key project managers, distributors of zoothechnichal and agricultural products) or end-users (avicultural farmers, swine farmers, green house managers). We offer leading-edge solutions with three main product lines: ventilation, cooling and darkening.

The company, founded in 1986, is an Italian excellence and all the production is concentrated into two production plants located in Cazzago san Martino (BS), where fans are produced, and Erbusco (BS), where cooling pads are produced.

Gigola is a worldwide renowned brand for the following characteristics:

  • High robustness and reliability (features given by modern project choices and severe quality controls);
  • High performances (high air capacity for fans and high cooling efficiency for pads);
  • High efficiency (high relationship between work produced and energy absorbed);
  • Custom solutions (customization options for products and documentation, from the look to the technical and functional aspects);
  • Fast deliveries (short lead time also in high seasonality periods);
  • High price/quality ratio;

Gigola & Riccardi S.p.A. is focused on research and development to answer the modern needs of its customers. Our R&D activities bring us constantly towards the industrialization of new products with continuous upgrades in terms of air capacity and cooling efficiency that help us reduce maintenance costs for managing breeding farms, by optimizing the food conversion ratio (weight of meat produced vs weight of feed consumed). Our new research and development facility, open in 2017 in our plant in Cazzago San Martino (BS) is a centre of excellence in Italy, being equipped with one of the most modern wind tunnels worldwide.

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