Axial extractors: healthy environments and maximum productivity

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Axial extractors guarantee excellent air circulation in any context. A good ventilation system protects the health of those who work and improves comfort for employees; on farms, it also boosts profitability by increasing the longevity and welfare of livestock. Another benefit is the fact that windows can be kept closed: in the case of low outdoor temperatures, this exchange of air requires surplus heating. Fans are also of help to farmers who have greenhouses; dedicated systems permit the control of humidity, maintain the right temperature and, above all, prevent any risk of condensation. Of equal importance are axial fans used in data centres, where cooling is critical. Our devices permit the specific exchange of air for different needs: the renewal of air is total and can be easily programmed.

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Durable structure patented for maximum efficiency

Gigola & Riccardi, a leading company in the production of axial extractors, provides devices that ensure exceptional performance and silent operation. The Company, which specialises in axial movement, produces extractors that, depending on the power of the motor and the size of the impeller, are able to move small or large volumes of air. The blades are made of a material offering incomparable resistance (stainless steel) and ease of cleaning. In addition, their particular structure allows for a high air flow rate and optimal energy efficiency even when installed in rooms where there is high pressure. All the components of the fan are corrosion resistant, including the Venturi nozzle that is easy to install and maintain. The damper is one of the strengths of the fans: the opening with special patent eliminates the need for any other electrical mechanisms. A few of the many objectives achieved are sturdiness and absence of vibrations: made possible with a solid structure designed to ensure the long life of the product. The Eolostar series, designed with the needs of industries, greenhouses and farms in mind, comprises devices with embossed metal side walls that, during operation, prevent light and dust from entering the premises. Furthermore, the closure avoids costly repairs normally associated with fans with conventional opening.

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High yield and low energy consumption

Axial extractors control humidity and temperature and circulate the air: the extraction capacity is high and consumption is contained thanks to high-efficiency motors. Forced ventilation, in the case of axial extractors, occurs at negative pressure: once the air is extracted and discharged outside, negative pressure is created for the intake of clean air. In this way, the extractors remove stale air and decrease the temperature indoors. For optimal results, however, it is necessary to choose the type of ventilation best suited to requirements. Minimum ventilation effectively removes moisture and is used for young livestock. Transition Ventilation is appropriate, instead, when the indoor temperature must be lowered and is controlled by means of temperature sensors. Tunnel Ventilation is best for an even greater cooling effect. The axial extractors can also be integrated in systems with cooling pads: these are evaporative pads installed on the side opposite the fan-extractors, and are commonly used at livestock farms and nurseries.

Axial extractors

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