Evaporative coolers: ecology and temperature control

Cappanone avicolo con raffrescatori evaporativi

Evaporative coolers are used in the agricultural sector and in farm and industrial buildings. These technological systems are indispensable in all those areas where it is necessary to renew the air and cool production sites. These machines make for healthier premises and increase productivity in the sectors of animal husbandry and agricultural production. In addition, they are environmentally friendly: they operate, in fact, in full respect for the environment and guarantee perfect climate control.

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Operation and benefits of the coolers

The coolers are based on the principle of a natural system also called adiabatic (or evaporative) cooling which lowers the temperature. The hot air passes through a special wet pad with honeycomb structure and exits at a lower temperature because it yields the heat to the water that evaporates. In this way, the air entering the production premises is cooler. By the end of this process, the air is also cleaner: any dust and pollen are trapped inside the evaporative pad. Purification of the air and cooling are both considerable benefits that make for an optimal, clean and comfortable environment. The coolers of the system allow for efficient cooling even in large indoor areas where any other system would involve substantial investment and high energy costs. These devices represent an economical as well as an innovative and most effective alternative to conventional air conditioners. Another advantage of evaporative coolers is the complete absence of refrigerants: the system simply uses evaporative cooling pads, a pump for the supply of water and an internal fan which, when running, channels the air through the wet pads. This system is highly efficient and eco-friendly.

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Coolers: maximum performance even at high temperatures

Evaporative cooling is possible with systems that use nebulisers, but the most modern and effective systems are represented by coolers with evaporative pads which, in the case of poultry-farming, can boost the performance of tunnel cooling systems. They are suitable for any climate and are able to eliminate heat even when the temperature is particularly high. On hot days, in fact, when the temperature rises, cooling increases due to evaporation. Also, with evaporative coolers, it is not necessary for the structure to be sealed: these modern cooling technologies ensure efficient results even when the doors and windows of the buildings are left open. In any structure, they ensure the exchange of air and create a flow of clean air.

Low running costs

Among the many advantages offered by the coolers are minimal operating costs, infinitely lower than those of air-conditioning systems because no chillers are involved. The energy consumption of evaporative coolers is equal to that of running a fan, so there is no waste. With these high-efficiency devices, it is possible to perform as many air changes as necessary for the environment and achieve comfortable temperatures: this not only improves productivity but also ensures that the goods and premises are maintained in a suitable manner.

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Evaporative Coolers

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