Gigola and Riccardi S.P.A. is proud to announce the release of the new upgrade kit, named “HP 140 upgrade kit”, that allows the retrofitting of any of these models:

into the new “HP 140” version, this way increasing performance in terms of capacity and energy efficiency. The upgrade kit is composed by 6 blades of new release, and a pulley.

“We have conceived, prototyped and produced a new upgrade kit, named ‘HP 140’ to fulfill a market need that is always growing”, says Pietro Seccamani Mazzoli, Managing Director. “Modern livestock buildings need more air capacity at high pressure, since their average dimensions have increased over the last years”.

“We are replying to a market trend, since modern tunnels for livestock are bigger than they were in the past and therefore ventilation suppliers have to comply with these specifications”.

Our new upgrade kit called ‘HP 140 Upgrade kit’ is an excellent solution for livestock farms and greenhouses that have classic ES series fans installed. Best results are obtained for pressures in the 30PA – 60PA range.

To order the kit it’s enough to supply the following information:

  • The model of your existing ES series fan (or a picture)
  • Motor features (phases, power and frequency).

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