New on-line configurator for ventilation and cooling systems


Our new configurator for ventilation and cooling systems is finally online. It is conceived to offer a practical solution to those who are willing to project and build a climate control system inside a breeding farm, a greenhouse or an industry.

The configurator allows you to find a solution for your needs, without worrying for dimensioning and listing manually every single component and with no more need for technical calculations.

The configurator is designed as a simple, but effective, tool in order to have an instant feedback on a possible dimensioning of the system. The number of fans and/or the surface of pad cooling area that you need for your specifical application is just a few clicks away from you.

The configurator allows to determine dimensions of ventilation and cooling systems, just by indicating dimensions and shape of the building, the type of breeding or greenhouse or industrial activity that will be managed inside. At your choice you can choose standard products or browse within the vast catalogue of Gigola products.

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